Dundas West Games - Daniel Kwan, Patrick Keenan, and Daniel Groh - have been creating small-press independent tabletop games in a wide variety of genres and styles since 2017. We’re focused on not only bringing fantastical worlds to life, but also creating accessible and easy to learn games that highlight the amazing cultures, history, and biological wonders our own world has to offer.



Daniel Kwan is the co-owner of Dundas West Games, an educational creative producer, and host of the Asians Represent! podcast on the One Shot Network. Daniel has co-authored Zany Zoo! and is a contributing author to the upcoming 7th Sea Khitai Shenzhou source book. In addition to his design work, Daniel is one of the co-founders of Level Up Gaming - a Toronto-based organization that provides adults with autism and other disabilities opportunities to develop their social skills through group gaming experiences. He also oversees the Royal Ontario Museum's Dungeons & Dragons program, which uses tabletop roleplaying games to teach teens history, science, and social skills. 



Patrick is currently a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Archaeology and History at the University of Toronto. In addition, he has several years of experience using tabletop RPGs as an educational tool for teenage audiences. Patrick is also passionate about music education and is currently a trombonist with the Hart House Symphonic Band.



Daniel Groh is the Business Manager of Dundas West Games. As a graduate from Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Management Daniel has an educational background in information technology, IT infrastructure, IT securities and business law. His current work as an IT Project Coordinator has given him the opportunity to develop his skill in communication and project management of larger scale international projects.